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I am a sustainable tourism specialist on the Caucasus region. I have been going back and forth to Georgia since 2001 as a traveller, tourism development professional and academic researcher. Now working as a Sustainable Tourism Expert for the World Bank and GIZ projects in Georgia on DMOs, regional and national marketing, and mountain tourism development. More on my blog: and tweet @oneplanetblog

Covid-19 impacts on nature conservation in Georgia

None of the many available analyses of #Covid19 impact on conservation focuses on the Caucasus region. This artices summarises the positive and negative impacts on nature in Georgia, based on my interviews with people who work for Protected Areas and … Continue reading

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Tourism in Georgia: opportunities from Covid-19 pandemic

The coronavirus pandemic has already significantly affected the tourism industry in Georgia and the country’s economy that heavily relies on tourism. This is a good time to reflect on the most desirable tourism going forward, and all the opportunities this … Continue reading

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Covid19 and tourism in Georgia – early impacts and government response

This article was first publised here on 20 April 2020. After the number of international arrivals to Georgia reached a record high of 9.3 million in 2019, most analysts predicted 2020 to be even better. Nobody has predicted a global … Continue reading

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Covid-19 and tourism in Georgia – calls to contribute

I have been travelling to Georgia since 2001 and working there, on and off, since 2007. I have also focused all my academic research on Georgian tourism while stydying for the MSc in Responsible Tourism Management. I am now keen … Continue reading

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T.UN.NA Manifesto – the power of ‘Co-‘

T.UN.NA Winter Academy At the end of 2019, I was one of 25 international tourism and conservation professionals selected to take part in the first edition of the Winter Academy for Tourism Management for UNESCO sites in Natural Areas (T.UN.NA), … Continue reading

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Challenges and opportunities in responsible tourism in Poland

Lack of mutual trust and cooperation between stakeholders, lack of long-term sustainable tourism strategy, low awareness of benefits from responsible tourism or lack of coordinated destination marketing are the key barriers in developing responsible tourism in Poland. I recently run … Continue reading

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Zrównoważona turystyka w Polsce – wyzwania, bariery i sukcesy

Brak wzajemnego zaufania i współpracy między interesariuszami, brak strategii zrównoważonego rozwoju turystyki, niska świadomość korzyści ze zrównoważonej turystyki czy brak skoordynowanego marketingu to główne bariery w prowadzeniu zrównoważonej turystyki w Polsce wymieniane podczas warsztatów które przeprowadziłam w Warszawie. 17 czerwca … Continue reading

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Local pride, authenticity and connection – social benefits of trails

What I find most fascinating about trails and cultural routes is their power to connect and foster social interactions and shared responsibility, creating social benefits for both tourists and the local people. ‘Scenic Roads and Trails’ were the theme of … Continue reading

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my interview for the Sustainability Leaders Project

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My short welcome speech for EuroEco18

5th European Ecotourism Conference was held in Tbilisi, Georgia, 10-12 September. The event provided a platform for a range of stakeholders throughout the continent and beyond – to present their research results and development activities on ecotourism and sustainable tourism … Continue reading

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