Caucasus and me

I am a well-travelled hiker, yoga teacher and a fan of the Caucasus region since my first trip to Georgia in 2001. I went to Svaneti, fell in love, and keep returning for more fun and adventures.

I am also a sustainable tourism consultant, advising governments and organisations to ensure that tourism benefits the local people and helps protect the natural and cultural heritage in destinations.

I specialise in the Caucasus region as well as the Balkans. I have worked as a communications manager for the South Caucasus programme (as well as for Eastern Europe, Central Asia and Western Balkans) at the UK’s Department for International Development. In the last four years, I have worked as a Sustainable Tourism Expert on projects for the World Bank, the German Development Agency GIZ in Georgia, Armenia, Serbia and Albania, and the WWF Caucasus. You can see more here.

I have a good understanding of global trends in sustainable tourism and sustainability best practices by businesses and destinations. I have completed the MSc in Responsible Tourism Management course at Leeds Beckett University, and have focused all my academic research on Georgia.


I was also one of the four volunteers who started the Transcaucasian Trail  (TCT) project in 2015, passionate about making hiking in the Caucasus safer and more accessible for everyone.

I hope you will enjoy this blog. Thanks for looking!





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