The Department of Repair: cash-free auction of exhibition furniture today

DeptOfRepair Auction

“The Department of Repair  explores (re)making through fixing, repairing and mending. The project reframes the theme of ‘repair’, exploring its identities and its potential as an environmentally/socially engaged practice. (…)

With a fully zero waste aim for the project and accompanying publication, The Department of Repair will engage with the act/notion of repair more through reuse of materials, as a form of recycling with less environmental impact. All furniture for the exhibition is being made from reclaimed materials and will be distributed for further use or dismantled back into materials after the exhibition. ” More about the project and the photos of the auctioned furtniture at the Camberwell College of Arts (SE London):

I went to this inspiring exhibition yesterday with a group of Westminster Council Recycling Champions. We had a chance to meet the project curators and learn more about the ideas behind it. It was so positive to hear that there is a growing group of people who say no to the throw-away culture and are happy to repair and reuse. The event left us with an urge to become one of them, and I hope this feeling will stay (at least long enough to actually mend something 🙂 . The exhibition is on till tomorrow so go and see it if you can, or join the cash-free auction today.

And then have a go at repairing!

Twitter: #DeptOfRepair

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I am a sustainable tourism specialist on the Caucasus region. I have been going back and forth to Georgia since 2001 as a traveller, tourism development professional and academic researcher. Now working as a Sustainable Tourism Expert for the World Bank and GIZ projects in Georgia on DMOs, regional and national marketing, and mountain tourism development. More on my blog: and tweet @oneplanetblog
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