Time to Act climate march today – I am marching because…

Credit to Dom Francis

Credit to Dom Francis

Scientists and facts tell us that climate change is happening. But, despite increasing calls for action to tackle/stop/reverse it, many current policies show that the messages about global warming aren’t taken seriously. Politicians back fracking and flirt with the fossil fuel industry (I love you beautiful Poland, but I am also pretty ashamed).

In addition to my natural concern about the environment and the uncomfortable concern about the future for my kids, I will be marching today because I want the politicians:

  • to finally put climate change on top of their political agenda – and I want to see less promises and more actions
  • to be prepared to change our energy policy and decrease our dependence on fossil fuels
  • to start associating climate change with a real danger – something that is happening and threateningis us here and now
  • to start seeing climate change not as an environmental niche but as a social issue as well – something that will cause unimaginable damage to us, people
  • but most of all I want them to HEAR US and to FEEL our presence. To NOTICE and UNDERSTAND there is a massive movement of conscious people that will not go away after today’s demonstration. Because today’s march is only a start on the road to the COP21 Climate Talks in Paris and beyond.

We will not stop after the march because now it is Time to Act.

See you at Lincoln Inn Fields at 12.30 J

Twitter: #TimetoAct2015


About martas2912

I am a sustainable tourism specialist on the Caucasus region. I have been going back and forth to Georgia since 2001 as a traveller, tourism development professional and academic researcher. Now working as a Sustainable Tourism Expert for the World Bank and GIZ projects in Georgia on DMOs, regional and national marketing, and mountain tourism development. More on my blog: oneplanetblog.com and tweet @oneplanetblog
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