My articles on sustainable tourism

I write regularly about tourism impacts, challenges and opportunities in sustainable and responsible tourism development in the Caucasus region where I have been travelling and working since 2001. All my articles are below, but I’d particularly like to draw the attention to these:

  1. During the first weeks of the global lockdown (March-June 2020) I have spoken to many friends and colleagues working in tourism in the Caucasus that has resulted in three articles on the impact of COVID-19 on tourism in Georgia, now and in the future.

    Covid19 and tourism in Georgia – early impacts and government response

    Covid-19 and Georgia opportunity to regenerate tourism

    Covid-19 impacts on nature conservation in Georgia

  2. I was interviewed as the first (and so far the only one) sustainable tourism expert working in the Caucasus, for the respectable Sustainability Leaders Project   and discussed issues around DMOs establishment, mountain tourism and sustainability:  Interview with Marta Mills on Destination Management, Marketing and Sustainable Tourism in the Caucasus
  3. Georgia is on everyone’s mind now. Tourism in Georgia is growing rapidly, with negative consequences but nobody seems to be bothered. Am I the only one who is?  Tourism boom in Georgia – reasons to celebrate?

  4. The lack of gender, race and nationality-related diversity at tourism events is unacceptable. ITB Berlin, the world’s biggest trade show, is no exception. White Men in Suits still dominate in this diverse, multicultural world – will this ever end, at least in the tourism industry? White Men in Suits at ITB panels (part 2): Time to tackle the lack of diversity at tourism events

Full list below: